If you are looking for a more bespoke form of training. We have PT’s offering a variety of training practices from fat loss, nutritional advice, strength training, conditioning training, mobility, yoga, boxing & kick boxing.

Iain Jackson – Personal Trainer, Strength & conditioning coach, Professional boxing instructor, Yoga teacher, Nutritional therapist & meditation coach. 07815 821389

I believe there are 3 sides to optimum health Mindful heath, Nutritional heath and Physical Health. This is why I started MNP training. Training and looking after your body is investing in your future health, your Health Pension. Everyone body has to power to be happy and health. I like to teach and give you the tools to be able to keep you fit and strong for very long. Life is a long practice of staying as free and mobile without this you become a prisoner in your own body.

If you’re interested in any of the following practices please contact me for a free consultation

meditation and mindful practices, Fat loss, weight management, nutrition advice, Strength Training, yoga, boxing.

Start investing in your health pension.

Neilon BodyFirst Personal Trainer & CoachStrength, movement, holistic wellbeing 
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Life is a balancing act.
I offer a unique approach to training that is integrated – practical and holistic, that fits into your life and supports you in making the most of it. 
Are you looking to make some of the following changes?
– Weight loss, tone up, gain strength – Increase your overall health- Boost your self confidence- Work towards pain free mobility- Find more energy- Develop new abilities- More balance and ease in life- Just experience more overall happiness!
The BodyFirst approach achieves this through strength & movement training as embodiment practices that bring vitality, awareness & self-leadership. I can also guide you on resilience-building and life enriching practices and habits that can improve your overall life ecology, helping you get the most out of life. 
I have been a personal trainer for 12 years and am qualified and experienced in many practices, including – yoga teacher, martial arts instructor, acrobatics teacher and massage therapist. 
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