MNP stands for MINDFUL NUTRITIONAL PHYSICAL. I started this company after finishing my professional boxing career because I believe these are the three sides of optimum health. Having been involved in sport and fitness since being 6 years old and turning that into a professional career, I know how important each of these 3 aspects are for health.

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years as a Strength & Conditioning coach and Nutritional Therapist. I also practice meditation, mindfulness and use visualisation techniques. All these tools I’ve learnt, have helped and benefited my life so much that I would like to help other people feel the benefit too.

When most people think about fitness they think solely about PHYSICAL training, often neglecting their MINDFUL and NUTRITIONAL health along the way.  However, our minds and bodies work intrinsically as one complete organism and, therefore, it is vital to focus on all three components of health if we are to achieve complete and total wellness.

Individually, each of the singular components of health (Mindful, Nutritional, Physical) has an immense and significant impact on the way the other components function and neglecting just one component can have drastic consequences for your total health.  For example: The state of your mental health affects more than just your moods.  Studies have proven that if a person is experiencing emotional stress their body will hold on to fat, storing it in readiness for the fight or flight response that the mind is signalling will be imminent.  Mental stress also affects your nutritional health by reducing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food, and causing cravings for meals and snacks that are higher in carbohydrates in order to combat the emotional stress.  Sometimes what our body needs is to take a step back and assess which elements are not functioning optimally, then work to restore that balance.

At MNP Training we believe that fitness isn’t just about now!  It’s also about building a healthy future and we encourage you to:

“Invest in your HEALTH PENSION.”

We all understand about investing in our financial future, but we should also be investing our health in the same way.  Simply put, ageing is the gradual degradation of mind and body.  Investing in your HEALTH PENSION means living a full and active life emotionally, mentally and physically for as long as possible, and that process starts now!